Emergency Management and Cardio Protected Areas: Emergency Consultancy based on ISO 22320 and Mass Evacuation according to ISO 22315

seguridadWith the aim of:

  • Improve the organization, coordination and decision making in an emergency situation.
  • Alignment with legal requirements on emergency plans.
  • Alignment with European programmes.
  • Improve Brand reputation of the organization.
  • In legal practice, ISO 22320 certification scheme, would be a very significant evidence of the organization and its concern about the effectiveness of organizational measures to the point of using the best available practices.
  • ISO 22315 covers planning for mass evacuation in order to gain a more effective response during the actual evacuation. MASS RISK uses this standard to assist organizations to meet their obligation of saving human life and reducing suffering.
  • Provide cardio protected areas ensuring staff competence for the use of the DEA, and the minimum number of fixed or mobile DEAs present at the event.